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Introduction to Drive Pulley

Design and Working Principle of Drive Pulley

  • Drive pulleys are designed to transmit power from the motor to the conveyor belt.
  • They are usually cylindrical in shape with a central shaft for mounting.
  • The working principle involves friction between the belt and the pulley surface to transfer motion.
  • Drive pulleys are essential components in belt conveyor systems for material handling.
  • They come in various sizes and types to suit different applications.

Types and Materials of Drive Pulley


  • Flat drive pulleys
  • Crowned drive pulleys
  • LAG drive pulleys
  • Spiral drive pulleys
  • Wing drive pulleys


  • Steel drive pulleys
  • Stainless steel drive pulleys
  • Aluminum drive pulleys
  • Cast iron drive pulleys
  • Plastic drive pulleys

What is the function of the driving pulley?

  • Transmit power from the motor to the conveyor belt
  • Create friction between the belt and the pulley surface
  • Control the speed and direction of the belt
  • Support and guide the belt along the conveyor system
  • Maintain tension in the belt to prevent slippage
  • Ensure smooth and efficient material handling operations

Advantages of Drive Pulley

High efficiency

  • Efficient power transmission

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Durable construction

  • Long-lasting materials

Low maintenance

drive pulley

  • Minimal upkeep required

Wide range of options

  • Various types and materials available

Cost-effective solution

  • Provides value for money

Process of Drive Pulley

  • Mold: Design and create the mold for the drive pulley
  • Casting: Use the mold to cast the drive pulley in the desired material
  • Raw materials: Select high-quality materials for the drive pulley construction
  • Production: Manufacture the drive pulley according to specifications
  • Testing: Perform quality checks and testing on the finished drive pulley
  • Antirust treatment: Apply protective coating to prevent corrosion
  • Separate inspection: Inspect each drive pulley individually for quality control
  • Marking: Label the drive pulley with relevant information

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What is the difference between a drive pulley and a head pulley?

  • Drive pulley is used to transmit power, while head pulley is used to change the direction of the belt
  • Drive pulley is connected to the motor, while head pulley is located at the discharge end of the conveyor
  • Drive pulley is usually larger in diameter compared to head pulley
  • Drive pulley is directly involved in power transmission, while head pulley is more for belt guidance
  • Drive pulley is located at the beginning of the conveyor system, while head pulley is at the end
  • Drive pulley has a smooth surface for better friction, while head pulley may have lagging for better grip
  • Drive pulley is more critical for overall system performance, while head pulley is mainly for belt tracking

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